Don’t Expect a “Silver Tsunami” to Hit in 2024

Source: ResiClub
You may have heard warnings of a “silver tsunami.” This is the term used to describe what will happen when more and more people turn 65, specifically baby boomers, expanding the amount of “older” people in the population.
In real estate terms, some are predicting that these boomers will age out of home ownership, sell their homes, and flood the market with inventory. But according to an analysis published by Freddie Mac, the “tsunami” is more like a slow tide, with a gradual exit of older people mostly offset by new entrants to the market.
Economists at Freddie Mac estimate that the number of baby boomer homeowner households will decline from 32 million in 2022 to 23 million by 2035.

Our take

This report is important because it corrects all that “silver tsunami” talk. We totally agree with everything it says. Baby boomers are in the process of exiting the housing market, and this process will gradually increase over time, but we just don’t see this trend having that much of an impact on transactional volume in 2024.


James and David, The Blueprint

March 05, 2024