Renovation projects with the highest Return

Exterior improvements, rather than interior ones, yield the greatest return on investment (ROI), according to research from Zonda. Buyers favor homes with great curb appeal. As you’ll see in the list below, only two interior improvements – a minor kitchen remodel and a mid-range bathroom remodel – had enough of a return on investment to make their Top 10 renovations list.
Here are the top 10 renovation projects with the highest ROI:
  1. Garage door replacement – 194%
  2. Steel door replacement – 188%
  3. Manufactured stone veneer – 153%
  4. Grand entrance upscale – 97%
  5. Minor kitchen remodel – 96%
  6. Siding replacement | Fiber Cement – 88%
  7. Deck Addition | Wood – 83%
  8. Siding replacement | Vinyl – 80%
  9. Bathroom remodel mid-range – 74%
  10. Deck addition | Composite – 68%

Our take

This is an extremely useful report. Every homeowner should have an idea of the ROI of any big-ticket home renovation project. After all, if you’re investing in something to increase your home’s value, and potentially reap a higher sale price, you want to make sure you’re spending money on the right things. Share this report with home sellers looking to maximize their renovation returns. You’ll either be helping them save or make money!